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Spy the top 1% of E-commerce ads.🧐

View the FB/IG ads from the top 1.000 Shopify Stores (that run online ads) đŸĻ„ 50,000+ Facebook & Instagram ads available for you below - for FREE.

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Instructions to Spy top 1% of E-commerce ads.

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1. Find your niche

First, select your niche below so you filter for the top companies currently running ads on your market.

2. See the ads

Next, click on any card below to open the Facebook Ad Library of that company - you'll be able to see all the FB/IG ads a company is running once you access these links.

(Optional) Vote for the best

Click on the â™Ĩ icon (top-right corner of a card) to upvote specific companies so other marketers can easily find the best of Facebook ads.

Select your niche

  • Accessories ⌚ 80
  • Beauty 💄 93
  • Clothing 👕80
  • Electronics 🔌60
  • Female Clothing 👩65
  • Fitness đŸ’Ē41
  • Food & Drinks 🍮61
  • Footwear 👞51
  • Gaming 🕹ī¸7
  • Health & Care 💊87
  • Homeware đŸšĒ67
  • Jewelry 💍45
  • Male Clothing 👕46
  • Outdoors 🧭22
  • Personal Items 💡63
  • Pets 🐾10
  • Sports 🏀27
  • Swimwear 🌞10
  • Underwear đŸ§Ļ31
  • Unique Stores 🔮56

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Overall, I highly recommend Chamber. They are easy to work with, cost effective, always on time, and highly creative.

James Wilson CEO & Co-Founder of Veriglif

Their creative content was awesome and the team was great to work with. They worked! The ads are still running now with a great conversion rate.

David Michaelek CBO of Credit Versio

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